Day 28: Go Lala Go! 2

3e79ecc6-ea06-41a3-8797-f492ec3d20dcBoasting an all-star cast of Ariel Lin, Vic Chou, and Bolin Chen, Go Lala Go! 2 is the sequel to the highly popular 2010 Chinese film Go Lala Go!. While Go Lala Go! 2 features a brand new cast and director, its plot still focuses on the same female protagonist from the first film, Lala.

Everything seems to be going well for the now thirty-three-year-old Lala (Ariel Lin): she received a promotion at work, and she has a longtime boyfriend, David (Vic Chou), who loves her. However, her life is gradually thrown into turmoil when her company restructures and she gets a new demanding boss and a young attractive secretary (Nana), who has her eyes on David and Lala’s job. Lala’s relationship with David also grows tense when David refuses to marry her, wanting to spend more time developing his fledgling photography career before tying the knot. Feeling as if her career and romance are both falling apart, Lala is frustrated and angry, but then she meets Stanley (Bolin Chen), one of her company’s prospective partners, who happens to be one of China’s most eligible bachelors. As the two of them work together, Lala realizes that Stanley has fallen for her. Knowing that Stanley is both vital to her company’s success and a romantic suitor, Lala wonders if he might be the answer to both her desires for career success and marriage.


Go Lala Go! 2 is like a beautifully-wrapped, but empty, gift box. The film looks good on the surface – it has an all-star cast, extravagant sets, trendy costumes, and cinematography that evokes a stylish, modern feel. However, the film’s content was riddled with plot holes, ridiculous turns of events, and poorly executed cliches. While watching the film was a visual pleasure, everything else was far less enjoyable, especially the plot, which induced many sighs of disappointment, head-scratching moments, and eye rolls.

The cast also delivered a mediocre performance. Both Ariel Lin and Vic Chou’s acting felt unnatural at times, while Bolin Chen failed to exude the regal charm his character should possess.

Unfortunately, Go Lala Go! 2 doesn’t quite live up to the quality of its predecessor Go Lala Go!. I had highly anticipated the sequel because I liked the first movie and also because three of my favorite actors – Ariel Lin, Vic Chou, and Bolin Chen – were all in this film. However, unlike the first film, Go Lala Go! 2 lacks a solid and entertaining plot. No matter how great the visuals were, they still cannot compensate for the movie’s very problematic plot, which made the viewing experience dull and forgettable.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars


***Movie Info***

Title: Go Lala Go! 2

Year: 2015

Country: China

Director: Andrew Chien

Writer: Xingyan Guo

Cast: Ariel Lin, Vic Chou, Bolin Chen, Nana, Li Jiahang, Vivian Wu

Run time: 1 hr 41 min

Rating: N/A



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