Day 25: Fall in Love Like a Star


Many people have probably wondered what it’s like to date a celebrity, and the Chinese film Fall in Love Like a Star offers its own take on what such a relationship would look like. A-list actress Yang Mi plays the role of Tian Xin, a young girl who aspires to be a successful talent agent. She dreams of turning her musician boyfriend Su Xing Yu (Li Yi Feng) into a superstar, but when some difficult circumstances arise, the two lovers separate. Two years after their breakup, they meet once again. Su Xing Yu has become China’s number one music idol, while Tian Xin is still a newbie agent struggling to make it in the entertainment industry. After a heated argument with his current agent, Su Xing Yu asks to change his agent to Tian Xin, and as the two of them work together on a daily basis, they realize their love for each other is still strong. However, troubles start to arise when their emotions start to impact their work and jeopardize both of their careers.


Fall in Love Like a Star’s basic premise has great potential. After all, most of us have had celebrities we liked so much that we wish we knew them personally or even dated. Some of us are also just interested in the lives of celebrities – we enjoy reading about their personal drama or wondering how Hollywood-esque their lives may be. Fall in Love Like a Star chooses a plot that has much potential in attracting a huge, mainstream audience, but unfortunately its execution leaves viewers slightly disappointed. Too much emphasis is placed on the packaging of the film instead of content. While a lot of effort was put into making the film feel fashionable and romantic through its stylish clothes, extravagant sets, and extraordinary situations (flying in a hot air balloon to see the cityscape), little effort was put into writing a coherent, exciting story. The plot felt like a string of random romantic events put together, and the lack of character development made the romance feel superficial and shallow. Therefore, while the visuals for the film were glamorous, the plot was disappointing and detracted a lot from the movie viewing experience.

Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars


***Movie Info***

Title: Fall in Love Like a Star

Year: 2015

Country: China

Director: Tony Chan

Cast: Yang Mi, Li Yi Feng

Run time: 1 hr 38 min

Rating: N/A



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