Day 7: Frozen


It’s been very warm here in California these past few days, so why not cool things down with Frozen? The seventh film in the 30 Day Film Challenge is none other than the smash hit and Oscar-winning animated film Frozen. 

I decided to watch this film not only because of the weather, but also because I was in the mood for a happy movie, and as I looked at my DVD collection, Frozen caught my eye. So I proceeded to watch this film for the sixth or seventh time with a gigantic Olaf plush in my lap.

Loosely based off of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, Frozen follows the story of Anna, a princess who sets off on a journey to find her sister, Elsa, who has frozen the entire kingdom with her icy powers. Anna is joined by a mountaineer, Kristoff, and a talking snowman, Olaf, as they try to find Elsa and convince her to break this winter spell.


What I love most about Frozen aside from its great story is its music. Most of Disney’s animated films are essentially animated musicals, especially if the main characters are princesses. From old classics like Beauty and the Beast to more modern princess films like Tangled, Disney princess films always include many outstanding songs, and Frozen is no different. Chances are you probably already heard the most popular song from the movie, Let It Go,” and if you come from a multicultural background like me, you’ve probably heard it not only sung in English, but also in other languages. Not only do the songs in Frozen possess beautiful and addicting melodies that easily make their way into your long-term memory, but the songs combined with the awesome animation also make for a thoroughly entertaining cinematic experience. I still remember watching this movie in theaters twice, and hearing the music with surround sound and seeing the images on the big screen made for an impressive movie experience that really stimulated the senses.


I also found the plot’s focus on sibling relationships very refreshing. Most princess films seem to focus more heavily on romantic relationships, and while there is some romance in Frozen, the relationship between Anna and Elsa also has significant weight in the plot, if not more than Anna’s love life. I found this very refreshing because it shows that there can be good princess movies for children that aren’t just focused on Prince Charming.

Overall, Frozen is an outstanding film that will remain a Disney classic for generations to come. It has all the ingredients for an enduring film – a good story, amazing music, lovely animation, likable characters, and an adorable and funny talking snowman. This is a movie that will put smiles on everyone’s faces, from the grandpa in the family to the little five-year-olds.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


***Movie Info***

Title: Frozen

Year: 2013

Director: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck

Writer: Jennifer Lee

Cast: Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad

Run time: 1 hr 42 min

Rating: PG


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